Cook County, Illinois 2020 Second Installment Tax Bill Update

Taxpayers now have until October to pay their property tax bills in Cook County. Learn more here.

Should Florida Taxpayers Prepare for Commercial Property Tax Increases?

Property owners should expect increases for the upcoming revaluation cycle across Florida. How will this affect you?

New Castle County, Delaware Revaluation Status Update

New Castle County is on track for a 2023 revaluation. Learn more from our experts on how to prepare.

Amendment 27 Moves Closer to Making Colorado Ballot

Amendment 27 continues to gain traction. Learn more about what this means to taxpayers.

Assessors Continue to Reject Dark Store Theory Across the Country

The effects of e-commerce and the pandemic have resurrected the Dark Store Theory discussion. Learn more.

Does D.C.’s Inability to Render Written Decisions Allow You to Skip Payment of Your September Tax Bills?

Taxpayers who are awaiting appeal decisions from the Real Property Tax Appeals Commission are still responsible for paying their tax bills by September 15, 2021.

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