Key Property Tax Appeal Dates

December 2019 - January 2020

Effective property tax appeal representation and pre-acquisition due diligence analyses have never been more critical for owners and prospective buyers of commercial and industrial real estate. Many property owners have experienced dramatic increases in their property tax liability in the past few years and have found themselves at a competitive disadvantage relative to similar properties.

Upcoming appeal deadlines that are quickly approaching are detailed below. In most cases, protests must be filed 30 days after the jurisdiction issues the notice of proposed assessment, or the values become final, and appeal rights are lost.


Appeal Deadline: February 14

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: Michael Byrnes

Alberta, Canada

Appeal Deadline: March 10 (Calgary), March 13 (Edmonton)

Notes: Calgary and Edmonton. All other Jurisdictions vary annually.

Ryan Contact: Michelle Pink

British Columbia, Canada

Appeal Deadline: January 31

Notes: Province wide.

Ryan Contact: David Nishi-Beckingham


Appeal Deadline: January 31, March 1, and April 1

Notes: Varies by Jurisdiction

Ryan Contact: Renee Bell 

Hawaii. Kauai

Appeal Deadline: January 15

Notes: Appeal deadline dates for other counties are as follows:

Kauai County: 12/1; 12/31

Maui and Hawaii Counties: 3/15; 4/9

Ryan Contact: Keith Jameson


Appeal Deadline: March 31

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: Shawn King


Appeal Deadline: March 31

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: Beth Lattin


Appeal Deadline: January 1

Notes: 185 days from the commitment date; 60 days from Assessors decision.

Ryan Contact: John O'Connor


Appeal Deadline: February 10

Notes: Dec 31 (out of cycle); Feb 10 (in cycle).

Ryan Contact: Shawn Eskow


Appeal Deadline: February 1

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: John O'Connor


Appeal Deadline: January 15

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: Kym Deloney

New Hampshire

Appeal Deadline: October 1

Notes: 90 days from the Notice

Ryan Contact: John O'Connor

New York

Appeal Deadline: March 1

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: Ted Kuch

North Carolina

Appeal Deadline: March 31

Notes: 30 days after mailing of value notice or 3/31.

Ryan Contact: Suzanne Markley

Ontario, Canada

Appeal Deadline: March 31

Notes: Toronto

Ryan Contact: Paula KalogritsasKim van Vliet

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Appeal Deadline: 90 days from mailing date of notice

Notes: After receiving the appeal decision/assessor’s response to your 1st level referral of assessment, you have 21 days to file at the Assessment and Planning appeal board if you wish to pursue further action.

Ryan Contact: Marc-Alex Beauchesne

Québec, Canada

Appeal Deadline: Montreal: April 30, 2020

Notes: Triennial cycle; 1st year right of appeal ONLY.

Ryan Contact: Marc-Alex Beauchesne

Saskatchewan, Canada

Appeal Deadline: December 9, 2019 (Regina), February 3, 2020 (Saskatoon)

Notes: Varies by municipality.

Ryan Contact: David Nishi-Beckingham

West Virginia

Appeal Deadline: February 1

Notes: n/a

Ryan Contact: Michael Alexander