Are You Prepared for the Mecklenburg County Reassessment?

For the first time in four years, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina will perform a county-wide revaluation.

The experts at Ryan compiled a sample set of more than 500 transactions across Mecklenburg County for the past 36 months and compared the current assessments to the purchase prices. Based on our analysis, commercial property owners could see assessment increases similar to the following:

The 2023 values are expected to be released on January 23, 2023, with these values remaining in place until 2027. To minimize your property tax exposure, it is critical that all assessments are reviewed in the first year of the four-year cycle.

Are you interested in understanding how this revaluation impacts your property?

Ryan’s Property Tax team has extensive experience navigating the property tax process in Charlotte and across North Carolina, representing more than $21 billion in assessed value throughout Mecklenburg County alone. Our local experts will continue to provide research and trends on this situation.