Ohio Property Tax Appeal Deadline Is Fast Approaching

Wan Kyu Park, Director

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The following counties in Ohio have undergone either a full sexennial revaluation or a triennial update for the Tax Year 2019 (payable in calendar year 2020), so the property owners in these counties may have seen significant increases in the value of their properties.

Reappraisal Counties: Carroll, Champaign, Clark, Fairfield, Logan, Marion, Medina, Miami, Ross, Union, Wyandot

Update Counties: Adams, Columbiana, Hancock, Hocking, Holmes, Lawrence, Meigs, Monroe, Paulding, Scioto, Tuscarawas, Washington

What Is the Appeal Process?

Ohio provides four levels of appeal: Board of Revision, Board of Tax Appeals (or Court of Common Pleas), District Court of Appeals, and Ohio Supreme Court. Each level is independent of each other and operates under its own rules. March 31, 2020 is the deadline to file formal tax complaints before the local Board of Revision. Ryan’s local valuation experts can conduct the initial review of your assessment, provide a full cost-benefit analysis, and determine if an appeal should be filed. When an appeal is filed, Ryan will continue to partner with local attorneys and appraisers and provide litigation support. Although the Boards of Education in many counties have continued the practice of filing increase complaints and created a significant degree of uncertainty, we remain confident that Ryan’s expertise will still provide appropriate and fair assessment relief.

How Can Ryan Help?

When the property owners hire Ryan as their tax consultants, we orchestrate the entire property tax appeal process. Ryan provides valuation analysis, tax estimates, and litigation support; assists in property inspections, establishing hearing dates, and collecting and analyzing financial data; works with attorneys and appraisers in preparing evidence; and works with the county on obtaining refunds. Also, it is important to note that we meet with the assessors and mass appraisers during the revaluation periods in an informal setting where attorneys are not needed and without appraisers. All in all, it is a greater benefit to the property owner to have us engaged in all aspects of the informal process as well as the formal appeal process. The costs are typically about the same or lower.

What Should You Do?

It is imperative to actively monitor the 2019 assessments. If you recently acquired the property, please be on the lookout for a notice from the County. The County is required to provide notice to the property owner whose property is the subject of the complaint filed by someone other than the owner, and the deadline to file a counter complaint is within 30 days after receipt of notice of a complaint filed. We are available to answer any questions that you may have concerning the assessment and appeal process in any county in Ohio.