Key Property Tax Appeal Dates

Effective property tax appeal representation and pre-acquisition due diligence analyses have never been more critical for owners and prospective buyers of commercial and industrial real estate. Many property owners have experienced dramatic increases in their property tax liability in the past few years and have found themselves at a competitive disadvantage relative to similar properties.

Upcoming appeal deadlines that are quickly approaching are detailed below. In most cases, protests must be filed 30 days after the jurisdiction issues the notice of proposed assessment, or the values become final, and appeal rights are lost.


Appeal Deadline: August 15

Notes: A petition/letter must be received and hearing date scheduled by the 3rd Monday in August (BOE)

Ryan Contact: Daniel Harris


Appeal Deadline: September 15 or November 30

Notes: An appeal must be filed between 7/2 and either 9/15 or 11/30 (depending on County). With the exception of Supplemental and Escape, the deadline to filed is 60 days from the date of the notice.

Ryan Contact: Susan Orloff


Appeal Deadline: September 3

Notes: 25 days from notice

Ryan Contact: Marcus Capouano


Appeal Deadline: May–August

Notes: Varies by jurisdiction (May 15-Aug 15); 45 days from notice date

Ryan Contact: Rupam Banerjee


Appeal Deadline: Varies by Parish August 15 - September 30

Notes: An assessment will be open for public inspection for a 15-business day “open roll” period. This begins no earlier than August 15th and ends no later than September 15th. If a formal appeal is needed, the filing deadline is 10 days before the scheduled Board hearing (see each Parish’s annually published dates). If needed an appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission can be made. This is due 10 days after receipt of the written board ruling.

Ryan Contact: Andrew Saladino


Appeal Deadline: August 1

Notes: Appeals filed to the Board of supervisor by 1st Monday in August.

Ryan Contact: Aaron Thomas


Appeal Deadline: July 13

Notes: Appeal to State Tax Commission (STC) 30 days after the BOE notice or Sep 30th. Note:  Informal deadlines vary drastically with BOE deadlines ranging from late June – mid July

Ryan Contact: Jeff Pence


Appeal Deadline: July 31

Notes: Varies by Jurisdiction; typically 30 Days from the first tax payment due date. For most 3rd class counties: Aug 1 (primary deadline), For other counties: Sep 1.  No Notice is issued unless value has changed.

Ryan Contact: Ly Ngov, Renee Bell


Appeal Deadline: September 15

Notes: Deadline for filing appeals is 9/15 OR 45 days after the Notice; whichever is later.

Ryan Contact: Richard Fogarty