Renewable Energy Market: Investor Considerations

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Renewable energy has seen continuous growth driven by tax incentives and improvements in technology and manufacturing methods, as well as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) supporting policies. Planned renewable energy capacity in the U.S. is greater than all other forms of electric generation by a factor of two to one.

In addition to traditional utilities and large developers, investors outside of the traditional energy companies are increasingly entering the market and considering battery, microgrid, and new renewable strategies. Understanding and applying current industry metrics and trends to minimize costs and reduce tax liabilities is essential for these companies to expand in new markets and remain competitive. Assessment and taxation of these assets is new territory not only for owners but also for many of the assessing jurisdictions in which they are developed. Staying informed on the changing legislative and case-law landscape will be critical to estimating costs prior to deciding to invest, as well as ensuring your existing investments are assessed at the lowest possible value.

Are You Considering a Renewable Project?

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